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Program Overview

The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has seen significant demand and growth due to the recent explosion in datasets and breakthroughs in Machine Learning (ML) such as deep learning and reinforcement learning. Many organizations are leveraging the benefits of AI in real-world applications across numerous domains such as healthcare, finance, retail, security, and education. While AI-based systems are ultimately software systems, current Software Engineering (SE) research/training rarely considers the intricacies (both technical and social) of building AI-based software systems.

The SE4AI CREATE is a unique training program that fills the major shortage in highly qualified personnel (HQP) that can develop, deploy and service AI-based software systems and equally provide the HQP with a solid background on ethical and social understanding of AI. The SE4AI CREATE will be delivered by a team of world-renowned experts, working closely with leading international and Canadian industrial partners. SE4AI CREATE achieves a number of novel and original training components:

  • A specialized, newly developed course on Engineering AI-based Software Systems.
  • A specialized, newly developed course on Social Aspects for AI-based Software System.
  • Professional Development for AI-based Software System Practitioners modules.
  • Industrial embedding where trainees will be offered the opportunity to serve one or more internships with our industrial partners.
  • Industry webinar and/or on-site seminars.
  • Carefully selected specialization courses on SE, AI, and social concepts.
  • Hands-on leadership and mentorship training where trainees will be coached on how to critically evaluate AI-based software systems, related projects and publications.

The SE4AI CREATE will prepare our next generation of trainees to take on leadership roles such as, team leads, entrepreneurs, policy makers, and professors.