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Dr. Marie-Pierre Habas Gerard


21 years of consulting experience in international firms in the field of digital transformation and 7 years spent in University Research and Development in Computational & quantical Mathematics . With transformational leadership, I am able to define the digital transformation roadmap at the strategic level as well as coordinate the teams to deliver it in accordance with the milestones. Currently Lead of CGI's Multisectoral Artificial Intelligence Practice, I created the multidisciplinary team, defined the Business Plan and the 2022-2025 roadmap as well as the manufacturing methodology for our machine learning solutions and operational research.

Previously Partner and Head of Deliverables of my startup in machine learning and natural language processing (NLP/NLU) and Lead of the Artificial Intelligence Practice of RCGT, I took charge of the recruitment of the Data Science team and the implementation of software manufacturing stages, industrialization and testing activities.

Very comfortable in the management of multidisciplinary teams, I like to create links and value between academic profiles, Product teams and delivery teams.

Through my international professional experiences and my personal encounters, I have been able to develop a high-level vision of the application of artificial intelligence to the business challenges of clients. I was also able to measure the necessary changes that organizations must already integrate in order to welcome new profiles and behaviors within their teams. AI is an exceptional vector of change and I like to consider its benefits at different levels, both human and technical.