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Mr. Serge Oligny


After obtaining a B.Sc. in computer sciences and an M.Sc. in Mathematics from University of Sherbrooke, Mr. Oligny started his career as a project manager in software engineering with a keen interest in applying quantitative methods within this blooming industry in the late ’80 and early ’90. He then got involved in co-authoring a software measurement method and contributed to turn it into an ISO standard which brought him international contracts at the turn of the millennium. Backed by his experience with quantitative methods, Mr. Oligny then got to lead the certification of Bell Canada IS/IT shop at CMM level 3 and used his skills to develop as a Six Sigma Black Belt in the same organization. Around 2010 his professional interests turned to machine learning and artificial intelligence; he got involved in leveraging these tools to improve various aspects of the telecommunication business. Mr. Oligny joined Desjardins 5 years ago as expert adviser in data sciences for the Modeling and Research Competency Center (MRCC) at Desjardins General Insurance. He currently assumes the role of data valuation strategist at Mouvement Desjardins, bridging the gap between business needs and numerical intelligence technologies. Over his career Mr. Oligny co-authored several papers and had opportunities to present many of them in America, in Europe and in Asia. He has been a contributing member to the Standard Council of Canada for several years.