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Program Objectives

The objective of the SE4AI CREATE program is to fill the major shortage in HQP that can develop, deploy and service AI-based software systems and equally provide the HQP with a solid background on ethical and social understanding of AI. Our program is driven by six key training objectives:

  • Prepare trainees that are knowledgeable in both technical and social aspects needed to develop, deploy and service AI-based software systems.
  • Provide trainees with real-life experiences where they can be exposed to challenges and best practices involving the development of AI-based software systems.
  • Bridge the gap between practice and academia by offering trainees opportunities to interact closely with practitioners and non-technical disciplines in order to train them on effective methods to communicate impactful and sustainable academic innovations.
  • Provide trainees with opportunities to develop highly sought-after professional skills such as communication, collaboration, leadership, entrepreneurship, and mentorship.
  • Expose trainees to the latest research (both technical and social aspects) in the development, deployment, and servicing of AI-based software systems and ensure that, by completing world-class research projects and theses, they will be prepared to play leadership roles in shaping the future of this very important area.
  • Enable trainees to customize their training program to better suit their needs and aspirations.